We’ve been hearing for a while that there were a lot of titles being made for the Nintendo Switch that were using the Unreal Engine 4. As one of the most powerful gaming engines out there, it gave a lot of credibility to the system. But of the rumored 20 games being made with the engine, we didn’t know a lot of them, but now, we at least know one more. The Yoshi title that was revealed at yesterday Nintendo E3 Spotlight is indeed being made with Unreal Engine 4.

The twist here is that it wasn’t Nintendo that revealed this, but rather, Dana Cowley of Epic Games, who posted on Twitter that this was very real.


While you may think it odd that Nintendo would use Unreal Engine 4 for a Yoshi title, you really have to see just how good this game looks. Below is a video from Day 2 of the Nintendo Treehouse event, and it really spotlights what makes the game so special visually, and it’s REALLY pretty. The game is coming out in 2018, and we’re personally very excited for it.

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