E3 2017- Shadow of The Colossus Remake is Beautiful

If you haven’t already played the original, now may be finally time to play Studio Japan’s Shadow of the Colossus. It is being remade with upgraded visuals and refined gameplay as shown off in their debut trailer.

Being hailed as a classic during the PS2, Shadows of the Colossus is a tale of a man bent on resurrecting his lover by any means necessary. For this task, he is off to slay 10 giants that trek the land. Make no mistake that you will understand how small you are compared to these giant titans. Be prepared to scale and grab on to dear life as you make your way up their body too deliver the final blow, while understanding the weight of the duty given to you. If is right to slay these gentle beasts for the one you love? Get ready to go back to this great classic once again when it releases in 2018.

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