E3 2017- The Indies of the Microsoft Conference

Microsoft showed off a variety of indie titles that will be coming for the Xbox S.

First they revealed Osiris New Dawn, showing off the space exploration and general survival on different planets that make up this game.

Next up was Paladins: Champions of the Realm. If you are familiar with Paladin, then you know what you’re getting with this  MOBA. Continuing with the MOBAs is Battlerite. Nothing too unique to say the least. Surviving Mars is the next planet-side exploration game shown off, briefly on base building and the layout. Continuing with the space theme was Robocraft Infinity, which appears to focus on building your robots and vehicles.

The Artful Escape, showed running in a unique style with a great sense of humor. Then there’s Astroneer, which also takes place in space. Seems to be the running theme eh? We saw Observer, which is very reminiscent of The MatrixWe Happy Few, which is expected to be released fully and more content available. Fable Fortune which is your card game, which will be competing against Hearthstone. Dunk Lords, for all those who enjoy basketball games and getting your dunks on. Minon Masters Forced To Duel, which is shown only slightly. Brawlout, which is a fighter on a 2d plane. This was followed by a charming game called Ooblets. Then came The Last Night, with its neon setting.  Black Desert Online was next with its stunning looks and fast gameplay action. There was Hello Neighbor, which was released on PC. Coming soon is Path of Exile, which will scratch that Diablo itch. Then we saw Ashen, which is your hardcore Souls game if you prefer punishment. Following was Ark, which has dragons. Riverbound is reminiscent of 16-bit games of yore.  Finishing up the trailer is Dark and Light, The Darwin Project, Strange Brigade, Shift, and Conan Age of Exiles.

If any one of these titles piques your interest or you don’t have any of these titles yet, now maybe the time.

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