E3 2017: Death Stranding Will Not Make An Appearance At E3 2017

Hideo Kojima’s first game, Death Stranding, from his new production studio Kojima Productions, will not be present at E3 2017. In a recent tweet, he announced that he and his team are focused on the game’s development. As such the game will not make a showing at E3 2017. 

Now I know this comes as a disappointment for many of Kojima’s fans, but this is definitely a good thing. Kojima, being the person that he is, would rather give us a better look at this upcoming title. Unfortunately, E3 2017 just won’t be when we’ll see it.

Hideo Kojima, however, will still be in attendance. So if you see him, be nice about the delay. 

Death Stranding currently has no release date for the PlayStation 4.