The Cine-Analyst: Episode 17 – Superman

Welcome to the final episode of the Cine-Analyst’s first season, where we break apart the Man of Steel himself, the indomitable Superman. But is this man whose faster than a speeding bullet got a solid grasp on his psyche? Or does being the world’s most powerful being too heavy a burden? Find out on this episode of the Cine-Analyst.



Here’s what we talk about this episode:

  • Zack Snyder might be a bad director but…no, no that’s it.
  • The Kill Bill school of superhero theory.
  • Clark Kent has two dads (but not like that).
  • Nothing says trauma like being told to let a bus full of kids just die.
  • Man of Steel has some soft, squishy moral issues.

Stay tuned for Season 2, making it ways onto the airwaves sometime in October 2017, with a new theme and a whole slew of new characters to dissect (with the best of intentions). Until then, I’ll see you at our next session. 

About The Author

Sara Roncero-Menendez

A reporter by trade, Sara is a lover of horror, sci-fi, and all things pop culture. From indies to classics to even the strangest schlock, all movies and TV shows are fair game. She believes Batman is the most fascinating superhero, and that Silent Hill is one of the best horror franchises ever made (as long as you don't count the movies). Fun Fact: The only movie Sara will not rewatch is The Room -- once was more than enough.