The Cine-Analyst: Episode 14 – Starlord

On this episode of the Cine-Analyst, we meet Peter Jason Quill, aka Starlord, the big damn hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise. But just because he’s a hero of his own story, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have his own problems. After all, when he left Earth, his mother had just died before his eyes. So what’s a rocket man to do, when the world below him’s got him feeling blue?



Here’s what we talk about this episode:

  • When the dead mom actually matters (for once).
  • Peter the pirate, and his inability to connect with others.
  • Gamorra, the team mom.
  • No, it’s not an Oedipal Complex.
  • Family is more than who you share genes with.

Tune in every Friday as I breakdown fictional characters and talk about what’s going on inside that brain of theirs. Are your favorite heroes crazy or just misunderstood? Find out on this season of The Cine-Analyst!

About The Author

Sara Roncero-Menendez

A reporter by trade, Sara is a lover of horror, sci-fi, and all things pop culture. From indies to classics to even the strangest schlock, all movies and TV shows are fair game. She believes Batman is the most fascinating superhero, and that Silent Hill is one of the best horror franchises ever made (as long as you don't count the movies). Fun Fact: The only movie Sara will not rewatch is The Room -- once was more than enough.