Both Tekken 7 and Dishonored 2 Cracked, Denuvo Continues to be Useless

Things simply aren’t going well for the Denuvo. While the anti-temper software / DRM is supposed to stop people from being able to pirate PC games, it doesn’t seem to be doing very well. Recently it was under fire for the performance inducing issues it caused with Rime. Shortly after the challenge to crack the game was tossed down, it was cracked – in five days.

Now it seems that several other titles, Tekken 7 and Dishonored 2, have now been cracked.


While Dishonored 2 has been out for a few months, Tekken 7 was just released on June 2nd. That’s just under four days for the games to be cracked. Showing once again that Denuvo is becoming a waste. I don’t know the specific amount on how much it costs to incorporate and license the DRM. Whatever the price, I bet Bandai Namco didn’t imagine their game would be cracked so soon.

I wonder if the company will follow Rime’s footsteps and remove Denuvo from the game. Especially since people can simply download the crack now. Honestly, this is a damned shame. Tekken 7 is an amazing game on the PC and I really hope people end up buying the game instead of pirating it. Otherwise, it could be the first and last time we see a Tekken game on the PC.

Please support the developers and publishers, buy their games.

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