Xbox Live Creators Program Bringing Full Keyboard And Mouse Support To Xbox One

Oh boy, this recent announcement is going to be epic and tear-inducing at the same time. At today’s Microsoft’s Build Conference, it was announced that the Xbox One will get keyboard support via the Xbox Live Creators Program. Now, while this doesn’t exactly mean that keyboard support will be native in every Xbox One title. Instead, that will be left up to the developer of a title, so if you want that keyboard support in Overwatch, you may want to harass Blizzard a bit. And mean really harass them, especially since Jeff Kaplan doesn’t like the idea of keyboard/mouse support in their console games.

Andrew Parsons, senior program manager for game developers at Microsoft, spoke at the conference during a session titled “State of play: Modern game development,” and it is here where he noted that developers utilizing the Xbox Live Creators Program will have the ability to enable all Windows features on Xbox One, including keyboard support. –ICXM

This also includes mouse support, however, Andrew Parson states that most mice won’t be supported at first. Eventually, this will go on to include current and upcoming mice in the future. This adds upon Microsoft’s promise to bring better keyboard support and adding ice support.

That’s big news actually, not just for gaming but for using the Xbox One as a multimedia device. But yeah, gaming is why we got the system in the first place, so please bring on the keyboard support. We fully expect to hear more about this during Microsoft’s E3 2017 briefing.

Source: ICXM