Nintendo E3 Treehouse

Will There Be Surprises At The Nintendo E3 Treehouse Event?

Last week, Nintendo revealed their plans for E3, aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo. First up, on June 13th, they’ll have a “Nintendo Spotlight” where they’ll reveal more about the games of 2017, and potentially 2018. Then, right after that, they’ll be doing a Nintendo Treehouse where teammates and developers will talk about games that are upcoming for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? But…on the Nintendo E3 site, there has been some new text put in the Treehouse Event section, it reads:

“Stay tuned after the Nintendo Spotlight, as the experts from Treehouse play through upcoming games for Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, show behind-the-scenes info, and maybe even share some surprises.”

This is both interesting and curious, for you have to wonder what surprises they would rather share on the Treehouse event rather than the spotlight. Also of interesting note, only the Treehouse Event talks about the 3DS in its description, while the Spotlight only notes the Nintendo Switch. Could these surprises be 3DS related?

As always, it’s impossible to predict Nintendo, as they aren’t above pulling fast ones to get you to tune into their shows. That being said, Nintendo has said that this E3 is meant to be big, not the least of which is because of the Switch, so, whatever “surprises” are in store, they’re bound to be good in some capacity, right?

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