“Star Trek: Discovery” Trailer Provides a Sneak Peek at the Pilot

Trekkies worldwide have waited in baited breath to see if the new CBS Star Trek show was going to live up to the original (or Next Gen, whatever your fancy). Finally, after sparse news about casting and the plot, we get the first look at the crew who will be taking us on a new adventure:

We see Michelle Yeoh at the helm of the U.S.S. Shenzhou as they, accidentally, engage the Klingons on the edge of Federation space. Our protagonist is Michael Burnham, a human raised by Vulcans who is the First Officer on the ship, and the one who goes out and first interacts with the Klingons. We also see a host of human and non-human characters which may or may not survive past the pilot, as we have yet to get on the Discovery ship in the trailer, as that is supposed to be helmed by a different captain (which, of course, is going to be a downgrade from Michelle Yeoh because everyone is a downgrade from Michelle Yeoh).

In terms of the look of the show, there is a lot of money thrown into this pilot, as it should be for a series with this much hype. Even though this series is taking place ten years prior to the original series, it definitely has the flash and sleekness of the modern day conceptions of the future. The Klingons look badass, and the intricacies of their colony, or planet, or whatever that’s supposed to be is incredibly well done. It also shows a level of care and thought I was worried was going to be missing from this show in the rush to get it out, but it looks like we’re in safe hands…for now. 

Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS in the Fall of 2017, starting with a two-part pilot.

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