Sony’s PlayStation E3 2017 Press Conference Dated For June 12th

While Sony sure kept us in the dark for a while, they’ve finally announced when we can expect their PlayStation E3 2017 Press conference. Set for June 12, 2017, at 6 PM PT/ 9 AM ET slot, the Sony PlayStation conference will take place a day after Microsoft’s conference. The date may have changed but their conference is still on a Monday and will be held at the same location as last year’s event.

Once again, Geoff Keighley broke the news on the date for the event.

But what exactly can we expect from this press conference, especially after the streak that Sony has been riding? Well, plenty actually. We already know that The Last Of Us 2 is in development, not to mention that Destiny 2 is on the way. Then there’s that Spiderman game, rumors of a new Sucker Punch IP, the new God of War, and a few other things.

While some of those games are still up in the air and won’t be completed in some time, Sony’s press conference is going to be completely bonkers. The only issue now is that we seem to be missing our invite. You didn’t forget about us, did you Sony?