Signups For The Nex Machina PS4 Closed Beta Are Live

A few weeks ago, Housemarque released a beta of their upcoming title, Nex Machina on the PC. Now they’re doing it again, only this time around it’s the PlayStation 4’s turn. This beta will run from May 26th thru June 1st, 2017. 

If you enjoyed Resogun’s fast paced action, bright and colorful world and tight controls, then you Nex Machina is for you. I recently had a chance to partake in the PC beta and I was ever so sad when it ended. So you better believe I’ll be crossing my fingers for a chance to check out the PS4 beta of the title.

Currently only North American and European PSN accounts and qualify for the beta. To sign up for the beta, head on over to their signup page. You’ll have to answer a few questions and that’s it. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Nex Machina will be released on June 20th for the PlayStation 4 and PC.