Looking forward to seeing how far the crowdfunded/Sony backed Shenmue 3 is shaping up at E3 2017? I got bad news for you and that the game won’t be shown off at this time. This comes directly from the Shenmue 3 team and it does make a bit of sense. I’m sure we’d rather they devote their time towards making this the follow-up that we’ve dreaming about. 

Thanks to Twitter user Wario64, who posted the recent update from the Shenmue 3 team. 

That’s definitely a bummer, as I was looking forward to checking out the game. I also didn’t back it as I didn’t like how the funding was being handled if I’m being completely honest. Here’s to hoping that there’s something shown off before the end of the year. 

So, Sega, how about those Shenmue HD remasters for the PS4/Xbox One/PC?

Shenmue 3 is currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC. There is no current release date as of this moment.

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