The 3DS has been a boon for the Fire Emblem franchise. It brought Awakening and Fates to the table, which revitalized the franchise so much that Nintendo now considers it a AAA franchise alongside Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, and others. And we’re less than two weeks away from the arrival of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on the 3DS. But, that game will mark the end of an era.

This comes from producer Hitoshi Yamagami, who was interviewed for an issue of Dengeki Nintendo (revealed by Digital Trends) and noted that Echoes will be the late mainline game on the 3DS. To be clear, Fire Emblem Warriors will be coming to 3DS as well, but that’s a spinoff title. The true Fire Emblem series will end with Echoes.

Objectively, this isn’t a bad thing. The 3DS has had 5 FE games, and there’s already been a mainline game declared for the Nintendo Switch. Should another Nintendo handheld arrive, it wouldn’t be a stretch at all to see a game from the series land on it pretty quick.

Plus, you know that people will be fine with Echoes, as well as Heroes, which is cranking counting quickly, and will keep FE fans entertained for a LONG time.

Fire Emblem Echoes arrives May 19th on Nintendo 3DS.

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