In the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, the trio of Todd, Tyler, and Will are joined by returning guest host Andross Alex! And there’s a lot to talk about this week!

The guys not only catch up on their latest video gaming exploits (including their good and bad luck in Fire Emblem Heroes), but also the latest Nintendo news! With the announcement of the Nintendo E3 scheduled, do the guys think that they’re making the right moves? And why is Tyler worried about certain text that they said in the announcement?

Plus, with the reveal that Shadow of Valentia will be the final Fire Emblem game on the 3DS, they look back fondly on all that the handheld did for the Fire Emblem series. Add to that, the new adjustments to Fire Emblem Heroes has everyone excited! Finally, what “surprises” could be left for the Legend of Zelda franchise?

All of that, plus, another live Fire Emblem Heroes summoning session, as well as a new segment where the guys put their Nintendo knowledge to the test! 

The time is now, the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here!

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