Three New Games that Everyone will be Playing this Weekend

May has introduced to us a variety of new releases and this week, they vary across multiple genres and mediums. To give you all an idea of what hot games have come out recently, I have conducted a short list of titles that just about everyone will be playing this weekend and if you do not already have, should definitely consider picking up!

Injustice 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile)

DC fans have been waiting for the sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us and this weekend, everyone with a copy of the game will be leveling up and battling against various heroes and villains throughout the universe. Gamers will be practicing controls and getting accustomed to their favorite characters as they prepare to compete in a number of huge upcoming tournaments this summer.

The Injustice 2 Championship Series begins today, May 20th when they kick off with the Path to Pro event, the first of four eSports events going on until this fall. If you think that you have a chance at competing, you should definitely grab this game and register for an event!

Farpoint VR (PlayStation 4)

Many of those with the PlayStation VR headset have gone ahead and picked up the new first-person shooter, Farpoint, bundled along with the brand new Aim Controller. This new add-on invites players to put down the DualShock and pick up the light, gun shaped controller to really immerse themselves into Farpoint’s exciting space adventure. If you have a PlayStation VR headset and are ready to experience first-person shooters like never before, I would certainly consider getting this bundle, especially with more exciting titles set to release and become compatible with the Aim Controller later on.

The Surge (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

This recently released game from developers at Deck13 Interactive bring to you their latest sci-fi action RPG, The Surge. Here, players will fight against large and powerful mechanical robots in an exciting, yet familiar hack and slash style. Those of you all that enjoy games like Dark Souls will find that The Surge is similar in many ways in terms of combat and its approach to objectives. To learn more about how this game compares to others in the shared genre, check out our review here at The Outerhaven.