Microsoft Clarifies Project Scorpio’s Framerate Parity

Ok, Microsoft, I’m a bit confused and it’s all because of you.  When you originally announced Project Scorpio, you said multiple times that there would be no difference between the Xbox One and Scorpio’s framerate. Obviously, this was frustrating, especially since this would basically negate some of the Project Scorpio abilities and performance. This was similar to what Sony said in regards to the framerate differences with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. And to be honest, it was definitely confusing.

Why have that extra power if it can be used to the fullest?

Originally I was under the impression that it would be up to the developers to determine the framerate. I’m more than certain that most of us were under the same impression and that there could/would be differences between the two systems. However, the reply from Microsoft’s Shannon Loftis ended up stating otherwise.

“No, there wouldn’t be a frame rate difference, because typically the frame rate is determined by the game developer and what’s right for the gameplay mechanic,” “You don’t necessarily want to create two different mechanics for two different configurations.”

Now you’re telling us that you said no such thing and that it’s up to the developers to determine the framerate? That’s completely opposite of what was stated before. Granted this news is welcomed, as I was always curious why would they impose a parity in the first place. It sort of defends the purpose.

Honestly, I’m happy with the clarification. Especially since the original answer can be interpreted either way. There is no official mandate, there is no parity forcing developers to keep the framerate the same across the Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Meaning that developers are free to add Project Scorpio options to take advantage of the added power. This should help clear up some of the confusion and hopefully give the developers some incentive to push out some Project Scorpio exclusive options. Or at least provide the ability to select from 4K@30fps/1080p@60fps (max settings).

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will have its big reveal during the Microsoft E3 2017 press briefing. During this event, we’ll find out about system pricing, launch titles and much more. We’ll also be in attendance for this event and will be bringing you the news from the conference as it becomes available.


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