Marvel Games

Marvel Games Hopes to Pursue VR in the Near Future

With Telltale’s recent Guardians of the Galaxy Game and Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4, there has been no shortage of Marvel games. After Spider-Man, it seems as though Marvel hopes to continue creating an even more diverse set of experiences.

Jay Ong, the VP of games and innovations at Marvel, revealed in an interview with GameSpot that they see great potential in VR. Ong says the team has great ambitions for future games, and hopes to explore Marvel properties in ways that “define the platform”. 

Ong doesn’t say anything concrete in regards to VR. He doesn’t confirm or deny that these announcements can be expected at E3, just that fans can expect to hear something “soon”. If there really are a set of Marvel VR games in the works, it might attract the kind of mainstream audience necessary to keep the new technology afloat. Not to mention which VR platforms Marvel games will support. Still, it will be interesting to see how Marvel tackles VR in their games, and what properties they choose to pursue with it. 

As for Spider-Man, Ong seems confident that it will be “one of the best games on the platform”. Apart from last year’s E3 footage, we don’t know much about Insomniac’s title. However, Ong expresses his confidence in the developer’s abilities. Marvel and the Insomniac team have been collaborating on “storylines, character selection, and art style”.

Rumors have circulated about a 2017 release for Insomniac’s new game, but nothing has officially been confirmed yet. Perhaps the studio will make an appearance at Sony’s E3 conference. Until then, it sounds like Marvel has big plans for the future of its games.