For months now, a rumored collaboration game between Ubisoft and their popular Rabbids franchise, and Nintendo and Mario has been spreading around the internet. It was allegedly going to be revealed at the Nintendo Switch reveal event, but nothing happened. Then, about a month back, images and rumors seemed to be popping up again. Now, Ubisoft has officially lifted the veil on what’s coming, and what’s coming is Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom.

A second image, shown below, adds a little more detail to things. Apparently, there will be 8 different characters in Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom, and each of them have a different style of playstyle for the game. But what is the game? Well, another image had the answer to that. It’s apparently a turn-based exploration and battle game set in a “twisted” Mario world. You’ll be able to roam around and then do battles across four different zones. And yes, everyone does have a weapon or gun, even Princess Peach!

Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom

What makes this even more interesting is that not only will this be apparently a 20hr adventure, but that we don’t have to wait that long to get it. A pic reveals that Mario + Rabbids Battle Kingdom is scheduled for release in either August or September!

And it was also noted that we can expect it to be at E3 in both trailer and playable formats. I’d say Nintendo’s E3 just got a lot more exciting…or even….*puts on shades*…Rabbid…

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