LucidSound’s LS35X Announced For Xbox One, Project Scorpio, and Windows 10

With E3 2017 right around the corner, Microsoft is poised to finally let the cat out of the bag with Project Scorpio. But they aren’t the only company who has news regarding the upcoming system. Announced today is LucidSound’s LS35X; their officially licensed headset for Project Scorpio. Of course, it will also work with existing Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 PCs.

“The LucidSound team has designed the LS35X as a headset for this generation of Xbox players with the most simplistic wireless capability to date,” said Chris Von Huben, CEO of LucidSound. “We believe the Xbox gamer will be blown away by the feature set and quality. This is just the beginning of our announcements for E3 in June and it only gets better.”

Unlike their previous LS30 or LS40, which require the use of a USB receiver, the LS35X will directly pair to either the Project Scorpio or Xbox One. Windows 10 PCs can also take advantage of the headset using built-in Xbox Wireless technology or by using the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. The headset looks to be similar to the LS30, which I happen to own and simply love. There’s just something about those 50mm neodymium drivers, the ease of use controls and ear-cup design that has made them my new favorite headset. Also featuring Dolby Atmos doesn’t hurt either. Here’s to hoping that the LS35X stacks up as being as good or even better.

The LS35X is expected to ship Holiday 2017, which is around the same time we can expect Microsoft’s Project Scorpio to be released as well. There currently is no pricing for the LucidSound Ls35X headset as of yet. Once there is, we’ll update the article accordingly.

The LS35X will make its debut at E3 2017, and we’ll be on hand to test it out and report back how it fares. 


Lucidsound LS35X