Better late than never! April’s crate has been unboxed and the team here at the Outerhaven is happy to share with you what the items in the Humanity crate are! The franchises featured in this crate are Attack on Titan, Black Lagoon, and School-Live! and thankfully this month did not disappoint! As with a member of the anime world, i’m excited to have more Attack on Titan merchandise to my shameful fandom collection. 

You can watch the unboxing below! Due to some technical difficulties this video was delayed and items were already unpacked during the initial attempt so unfortunately there is a lack of first reactions in this unboxing. 

Too long? Didn’t watch? Read on! 

The first item out of the crate was a metal ammunition case from Black Lagoon and inside were four coasters with characters featured from the show. While I am unfamiliar with Black Lagoon, the items were really cool and i’m sure I will make use of them soon. What’s more, the metal case can be used for storage for your knick knacks or your pirate mercenary needs. 

Next item out of the crate happened to be my favorite item of the bunch, a Captain Levi figure. While it only measures roughly three inches tall, Levi’s look of disgust will strike fear in the hearts of many and leave fangirls with nosebleeds. I couldn’t find any major quality issues or errors on inspection, but i’ll leave it to the professionals for a final verdict. 




Trying not to let my fangirl show, I swiftly changed to the next item in the crate which was a manga called School-Live! volume one. It looked like a cute slice of life and the characters were really adorable looking. However, once I gave the plot a once over I laughed because this poor main character is looking at life in rose colored glasses because her classmates are keeping her safe day by day. Apparently their school club is the sole survivors of a zombie outbreak! I can’t wait to read this volume! 

The most curious item in the crate was a faux leather pouch and notebook set. Emblazoned with the Wings of Freedom, this notebook pouch features a button strap on the back so you may keep it on your belt for easy access in necessary strategic moments. Interestingly enough, the notebook has graph paper instead of lined paper which can be useful in battle prep. Lastly, the pencil included is in the style of 3D Maneuver Gear Blades. How cool is that? 


As with every crate, there is an adorable Yume charm drawn in the crates theme. For April, Yume stands battle ready already splattered in blood. How precious! I don’t normally put the charms to use, but rather have a collection of adorable Yume’s on my bookshelf. 


The inside of this months crate and poster are listed below for viewing pleasure. Nothing special to note here, although I have to say the artists do a fantastic job every month! If only I had enough wall space to feature all the included items. When I still had a normal Loot Crate subscription the included items were discussed in a booklet insert but the poster art is pretty neat too. 


Final thoughts? 

I am satisfied with the items that came in my crate and I have yet to feel like I am not receiving my money’s worth with my subscription. I think the items i was most happy with were the Attack on Titan items because let’s face it, i’m a sucker for the story. I have a few complaints about the new season but that is an entirely different review to be had. 

If you would like to sign up for Loot Anime or any other featured crates, you can follow the link below.

Notice: This unboxing has in no way been sponsored and is purely the raving of an enthused long term subscriber.