PC Gamer hosted the second PC Gaming Show last year during the E3 2016 conference, which is also when we were able to get our first look at the gameplay for LawBreakers. At that time, Boss Key Productions‘ latest game was in its alpha stage. Now, LawBreakers will be entering closed beta testing for PlayStation 4 consoles.

That’s right, this game is no longer exclusive to the PC and more information about the upcoming console beta should surface soon. In the meantime, it would not hurt to try to sign up for access to the beta now.


Forget everything that you were taught about gravity because this game excludes all of that! LawBreakers is a brand new, first-person arena based shooter that defies the laws of gravity resulting in players defeating their enemies from any and every angle. On five person teams, players have the option to choose from a variety of different characters, each of which provide a specific role to assist their team in completing special objectives. 

Boss Key Productions Announce LawBreakers Coming to the PlayStation 4 2Whether you plan to support your teammates as a battle medic, or you decide to take charge as a titan, each of these characters have impressive weapons that show off their amazing skills. Take advantage and to get to know all of the characters, roles, and their unique abilities before this game finally releases, I know I will.

On top of the interesting characters, LawBreakers features a number of gravity defying maps sure to make you forget about the normal tendencies of other shooters. These maps vary and each have an impact on how players navigate and how different game modes are played.

The developers at Boss Key Productions are definitely on to something with their new game and this refreshing take on gravity and combat is exciting. I can’t wait to get my hands on this game! In addition to releasing at just half the price of your typical console games, LawBreakers’ $29.99 price point is icing on the cake! Be sure to stayed tuned to The Outerhaven for more information about this game as we anticipate its official release date.

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