House of Cards Season 5 Trailer Sees One Nation, Underwood

House of Cards is the political drama for people who don’t like political dramas. Intrigue, murder, hostile takeovers, and enough fourth-wall breaking to give Deadpool a run for his money. Now season 5 is upon us, and it looks to be the most insane season yet.

We pick up the series where it last left off, with both Frank and Claire Underwood running for the presidency as a team. The aesthetic is decidedly darker this time around, with more shadow to highlight the power couple’s shady dealings. There’s even a monologue about Frank knowing he and Claire know what’s right for the people, and potentially running as a team until 2032. I wouldn’t be surprised if Frank ends up brutally stabbed, as we get more and more Julius Caeser up in here.

There are a few spoilers hidden in the trailers. For one, we see an electoral voting map, with Underwood and Conway neck-in-neck, waiting on Pennsylvania and Ohio. We see Claire being rushed into a car, Frank choking a man in the darkness, some investigations going on that threaten to spill their secrets, dead women, the FBI breaking in doors, Frank testifying in front of a committee, and both Frank and Claire is amorous embraces, though it is not clear with whom.

There’s definitely a condescending tone in the trailer, and a lot of that comes from the insanity of the events inter-spliced with the cool, calm voiceover. We will probably learn who wins the election of 2016, and what are some of the larger consequences. Since this hasn’t been advertised as the final season, it is likely Underwood will win, though with this you never know. Who will be sacrificed this season to the Underwoods and their endless thirst for power and glory? How many characters do we have left again?

House of Cards Season 5 premieres on Netflix May 30, 2017. 

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