Blizzard Celebrates Overwatch’s One Year Anniversary And Announces A New Event

While it’s been hard to believe, today marks the one year anniversary of Blizzard’s captivating team based FPS, Overwatch. Ever since the first day of launch, the game has been played over and over by millions of fans and still hasn’t lost its touch. So today, of all days, Blizzard has released a video that shows outlines the successes of Overwatch – from the initial launch, and up until now.

Definitely check it out, Overwatch fan or not. And to Blizzard, here’s to a simply amazing game, one that I play nearly constantly. I love the characters (except Bastion), the fast-paced action and countless hours of gaming bliss.


But that’s not all, as this video is also an announcement for the next Overwatch event. Blizzard invites us all to join them from May 23rd – June 12th, 2017, for an unannounced event. 

Here’s to yet another year and hopefully more surprises and gaming in store for us all! And if you haven’t played Overwatch yet, what’s stopping you?