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Fairy Tail Manga Set to End Within Two Volumes

Hiro Mashima has made comments about the upcoming end of his Fairy Tail manga.  He announced a while ago that the manga was entering its final arc and now it seems that the end is drawing closer.  Mashima believes that the ending will come within two more volumes.  Anyone who has read a volume of manga can tell you that most volumes of weekly series contain 8-10 chapters. This means, at most, Fairy Tail has about 20 chapters left until it wraps up.  It may have even less depending on when Mashima made these comments. 

The good news is that Hiro Mashima has also announced that he plans to continue making manga and already has his next series planned! Before Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima was also the author of Rave Master as well as the one shot Starbiter Satsuki (Hoshigami no Satsuki.) He also released a book entitled Mashima-en, which was a collection of one shots he previously had worked on.

Fairy Tail has released its second anime movie, Dragon Cry, back on May 6 in Japan. There is still no official word on a third television anime series.

An image of Hiro Mashima’s afterword was released along with a translation. Credit for the imaged goes to Crunchyroll.

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