Dimension W Vol. 6 Review

Title: Dimension W Vol. 6
Author: Yuji Iwahara
Publisher: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action
Publication Date: May 23, 2017

The Story

Dimension W Vol. 6 takes us to Easter Island. The collectors have gathered, but on their way to the island, the plane they were flying on ran into a nasty storm and hit the ocean. If the storm wasn’t a big enough obstacle, an odd sphere infiltrated the plane and sent a few of the people, Salva and Lashiti included, into nothingness. Upon making it to the island, most of the collectors were separated; however, the Captain, K.K. Chrysler, Lwai, Salva, and Cassidy were together. Mine and his sister dug a tunnel to the island from the bottom of the ocean (okay?), while Kyouma, Al and Mira took their own path to the island separate from the others.

Here, the race to claim the reward had begun. Even though Salva was in a coma due to falling into nothingness, he prepared a recorded statement for the collectors and had it broadcasted to Easter Island in the areas where the nothingness wasn’t present. The prize they are hunting is the first and only known coil to function inside the nothingness, where it is said that not coils nor human life can exist or function. The prize is first come, first serve and is worth $50 million, or ten times the asking price for a Numbers Coil on the black market.

The volume ends when something unexpected happens. Due to the arrival of the collectors, it had disturbed the atmosphere around the island. Things trapped in the nothingness started to come back to life and/or began to function again, including New Tesla Energy’s defense robots! The volume closes as the battle for survival begins!

I love how we were given quite the bit of background information on the island and just what the nothingness is. Seeing its effects with Easter Island being radically changed, is also pretty interesting. We still don’t know what Kyouma wants there, but it is clear that he has his own agenda. We did receive a lot of answers in this volume, only to acquire more questions! While the story was pretty straight-forward, there was some great character development here as well.


Salva’s backstory was pretty interesting. The first thing we learn right away is that he is not of the royal bloodline, despite him being the Prince of Isla. He was found by the king and adopted into the royal family after the king took a liking to him. While Salva thought it was his destiny to be next in line to the throne, the king’s wife ended up giving birth to Lwai. The king named Lwai the next heir to the throne and not Salva, but he did charge Salva with looking after Lwai. The automatic feeling of jealousy was apparent here, but they didn’t really delve too deep on that. Instead, they focused on Lwai’s memories of Salva telling him to listen to him so he could understand that there would be a day where Lwai would have to save him. Ironic that day is now since Salva fell into nothingness.

One little thing that bothered me was Lashiti. She fell into nothingness as well, but she recovered with her only explanation was that it was because she was a woman. That felt like when Erza defeated Kyouka in Fairy Tail in the Tartaros arc after being rendered, blind, deaf, and stripped of her five basic senses. The explanation they gave was “because she’s Erza.” I had to stop and shake my head, but I quickly moved on. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen an obvious plot device before or anything.

Captain Morry didn’t really get a backstory per se, but his bit in the volume was rather emotional. He used to live on the island and this was the first time he was returning home after five long years. When he came home he found his dog, son and his daughter-in-law all presumably dead from falling into nothingness. When they arrived back on the island, it began to set things in motion and they call came back to life, but their memories or their ability to function rationally were all gone. It made them into something akin to zombies without being undead. It was rather heart-wrenching to watch Captain Morry go through that roller coaster of emotions.

Also, we finally got to see the face behind Loser’s mask! His face is super deformed and it makes you wonder even more about his backstory. Nothing was said on it just yet, but I have a feeling that he and Kyouma will run into each other again on the island and it will be then that we will get more information on him.

Final Thoughts

The sixth volume of Dimension W wasn’t as impactful as volume five, but that in no way, shape or form means this volume was bad. This volume was a bit of a cool down as the story began to set things in motion. It did a great job in answering a lot of the questions we had, but it also made us ask new ones and keep us hooked. We got some great character development as well as some teases and nibbles for further development in future volumes.

While there wasn’t much action until the end of the volume, the story more than made up for it. Getting to know our new cast of characters, the reason why Salva summoned them to Easter Island and the information on just what the nothingness is and how it affects everything around it was enough to make this a very compelling volume.

Dimension W continues to be an amazing sci-fi series! Volume seven looks to be action-packed and I can’t wait to see the collectors show off their skills against New Tesla’s re-energized machines. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to it!

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