The Cine-Analyst: Episode 12 – Magneto

On this episode of the Cine-Analyst, we look at Magneto, the one character in the X-men franchise who you can never really be sure whose side he’s on. Having survived the Holocaust, Magneto sees the world as an us versus them struggle, a struggle that lives on in his existence as a mutant in a mostly human world. But what’s the price you pay for keeping a never-ending war going?


Here’s what we talk about this episode:

  • When you make a villain too likable, just make their lives hell
  • How a character who kills literal Nazis ends up a villain
  • Aggression versus assimilation
  • A world where being different is like having a target drawn on your back
  • Yoda would sense in him much fear

Tune in every Friday as I breakdown fictional characters and talk about what’s going on inside that brain of theirs. Are your favorite heroes crazy or just misunderstood? Find out on this season of The Cine-Analyst!