ARMS has been getting a lot of attention from Nintendo, so much so that they did a Nintendo Directo for the game this week. But more than that, they decided to go the Splatoon route and give players a chance to demo the game for free via the ARMS Global Testpunch.

This will go on for a few weekends, starting on May 26 for the US, and will give interesting Nintendo fans a chance to see what this over-the-top strategy punching battle game is all about. But now, via Gamexplain, we now know more details about what to expect in the Testpunch.

First up, there will be seven characters you can play as Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Master Mummy, Ninjara, Mechanica, Min Min, and Helix. That’s over half the current known roster, so that’s impressive. And each of them will have their standard ARMS that was revealed in the Nintendo Direct. 

Plus, you’ll be able to play with two people on one Switch during the Testpunch, so you don’t have to just play by yourself or with online players! Party Match Mode will be available during it, and V-Ball will be one of the modes you can do. As well as having a “warm up” option to get yourself ready.

So, are you excited for the ARMS Global Testpunch? Let us know in the comments below. And for our thoughts on the Nintendo Direct, check out the latest Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!