World Of Tanks Coming To Project Scorpio, Already Running At 4k

Project Scorpio potential buyers can now add another confirmed game that’s coming to the system. TJ Wanger, Creative Director of World of Tanks, was asked if developer Wargaming, would support Project Scorpio. 

To which TJ replied, ” We plan to fully support Scorpio and are already running on it at full 4k resolution and it looks fantastic“.


Obviously, that’s good news and World of Tanks now joins Middle Earth: Shadow of War as another confirmed 3rd party title that will be coming to the Scorpio.  World of Tanks is an MMO game that features playing with a very large assortment of tanks. I’ve played this for a while on the PC and while it has a bit of a learning curve, it’s definitely fun to play. 

There are two things to take away from this. The first being that Microsoft has already pushed out the dev kits to developers, which is a good sign. The second is that getting Xbox One games upscaled to 4k for the Scorpio doesn’t appear to require a massive team.

That’s noteworthy especially since Turn10 Studios was able to getForza Motorsport 6 running on the Scorpio in no time. Yet many questioned if this would be easily done by smaller studios. 

There currently isn’t an exact release date for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio as of now. We expect to find out the price, release date and more during Microsoft’s upcoming E3 2017 press conference. 

Credit: Xbox One Subreddit