Windows 10 Creators Update begins its rollout today

The Windows 10 Creators Update begins its rollout today, providing gamers and content creators a myriad of options to enhance their creative process within Windows 10.

Both Xbox Wire and the Windows Blog explain the update and its features in extensive detail, but here are some of the more gamer-centric features that the Creators Update has to offer:

Built-in Beam Game Streaming:

Beam Broadcasting on Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update has added native streaming support for Microsoft’s live streaming platform, Beam. By bringing up the Game bar (Windows Key + G or the Xbox Guide button on your Xbox One/360 controller,) you find a new broadcast icon that looks like a satellite beaming (no pun intended) its signal. According to Xbox Wire:

Beam streams have less than a second of delay, enabling streamers to engage and interact with their viewers in near real-time. What’s more, Beam enables streamers to incorporate interactive features such as animation and sound triggers right into their stream. The ability to manage your Beam broadcast and interact with fellow gamers on chat will appear as overlays.

Game Mode:

Game Mode aims to make your gaming more consistent, especially when you’re running multiple programs while gaming (XSplit and iTunes while playing Forza Horizon 3 as an example.) Game Mode works for both UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and Win32 (Steam/Origin/GOG) games. Just pull up the Game Bar and click the settings icon to opt your currently running game into using Game Mode.

New Gaming Section in System Settings:

In Windows 10’s System Settings, there is a new menu option, emblazoned with the Xbox logo. The new section places all your gaming settings in one easy to find location. Initially, there will only be 4 settings Game Bar, Game DVR, Broadcasting and Game Mode. Game Mode can be turned on and off via the Game Bar for select games, or selected universally via System Settings.

The Xbox Creators Update seeks to be your one destination for gaming and content creation via Windows 10. Let us know in the comments below how much you like it!

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