Wild Guns Reloaded Heads To PC, Natsume To Push More PC Titles

When I reviewed Wild Guns Reloaded for the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, one of my gripes was that the game wasn’t available anywhere else. This was a remaster of a cult classic Super Nintendo title and I felt it should have been available elsewhere. A few replies from several fans I spoke to also voiced this concern.

Well, things about to change.  Natsume is reportingly working on porting the title over to the PC, according to Gamespot. That’s definitely good news for Natsume, as that at least guarantees that a few more copies of the game will be sold. No mention of how much Wild Guns Reloaded PC will cost, however, the PS4 version was priced at $29.99.

In addition, Natsume has stated that this is just the beginning. The company has devoted to porting over more of their titles to the PC. They’ll have more to announce and show off during E3 2017.

Source: Gamespot