Transform into a Sailor Guardian with these Sailor Moon Lipsticks

Japanese cosmetics company Creer Beaute announced on Instagram a new line of sheer lipsticks that are essential for any Sailor Moon fan. Sailor Moon Moisture Rouge collection comprises of five sheer lipsticks that change color depending on your pH level. While color changing lipstick has been around forever in the form of ‘mood lipstick,’ they usually change color based on the temperature of your body.

That is always disappointing because it means the moment you put the lipstick on, it transforms into another color and usually stays that color for the rest of the day. These lipsticks could probably be manipulated by drinking water of various pHs. Additionally, they have a glossy finish because of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and macadamia seed oil. If this doesn’t make you throw all of your money at the computer screen, then the packaging will.

Instead of regular boring bullet shaped lipstick cases, these lipsticks come packaged as transformation pens! The collection has five lipsticks to represent the five inner senshi. In case you are wondering, no the lipstick isn’t the same color as the packing. Creer Beaute went back to the drawing board after their 2016 Sailor Moon lipstick line. The 2017 lipsticks come in lighter colors that can be worn every day with any skin tone.

These lipsticks will retail for approximately $26 US dollars but at the moment, they are only available in Japan. If we’re lucky, they might be available soon on YesStyle, where you can purchase Creer Beaute’s other anime themed cosmetics products and have them shipped to the US.

YesStyle offers free shipping to the US on orders of $35 or more, so perhaps you can round up a few Moonies to make one big order. Just make sure to let me know because everyone knows how much I need these.



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