Sega Provides A Peek of Green Hill Zone From Sonic Forces

Truth be told, when Sega provided a short glimpse at Sonic Forces, the internet went into panic mode. Many exclaimed that the game looked and played bad, and most of the excitement for the renamed project was lost.

Thankfully, Sega has provided us with some new footage today of Sonic Forces in action and I have to say it looks a bit better. Unlike the previous look, this time around they’re treated us with a 2D rendition of the classic Green Hill Zone stage. That said, and this is just me, but I would rather see another stage instead of one that we’ve seen time and time again. I love the stage, but we need a break here Sega, let’s see something else!

I love the stage, but we need a break here Sega, let’s see something else! And I’m probably going to upset some faith Sonic fans, but there was definitely something up with the music. It just didn’t sound right. Hopefully, this all shapes up before the eventually release of the title.

Sonic Forces combines the classic and modern styles of Sonic the Hedgehog, similar to what Sonic Generations did, into one game. There currently isn’t a release date for the title as of yet, but it is due out sometime during Q4 2017. Though I imagine we’ll see and head more about the title during E3 2017.

Sonic Forces will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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