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Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero Delayed For PS4, Xbox One and PC

For those fans who were looking forward to Resident Evil 7‘s next DLC, we got a bit of bad news for you. The Capcom development team behind the title has announced that the “Not a Hero” DLC has been delayed, and will not meet the original Spring release date. No new release date was given as of yet. 

They apparently are not satisfied with the direction of the development and have stated that it “was not good enough to meet” the expectations of the title. Resident Evil 7, which conflicted a lot if fans, was a very successful title for Capcom. Many would argue that it has breathed some new life into the series.  

“In light of the incredible reception of Resident Evil 7, we concluded that this DLC was not good enough to meet those high expectations,”

There’s no doubt that the company wants to continue that streak and if it means delaying the DLC, I’m in 100% agreement with it. I only wish more companies would think about doing this for games that don’t meet their expectations or could benefit from a few extra days of development.

Not A Hero is a very anticipated DLC as it features the return of fan favorite, Chris Redfield. We got a glimpse of him at the end of Resident Evil 7, where he looks a bit different. Fans at first thought it might have been a different character, that is until Capcam cleared that bit of confusion up.

The Not A Hero DLC will be available on PlayStation 4 first, followed by the PC and Xbox One versions at a later date.