Well, if you weren’t already convinced that we’d either hear or see regarding Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, here’s more food for thought. Shinobi is at it again and if I didn’t know any better, he knows more than he’s letting off.

C’mon Shinobi, what do you really know?

There’s also rumors that the actual name of the system will be “Xbox One X”, which I just can’t out my finger on. I mean, that name is really corny, if I’m being totally honest. Yet at the same time, I can totally hear DMX in my head going “Xbox One X gonna give it to ya!”. Then again, we all weren’t completely swept off our feet when Microsoft gave us the Xbox One moniker either, right? We’ll just have to wait.

There’s also the little issue of what we’ll see running on the hardware. Of course, that’s if we even see that. While many people don’t seem to be happy with Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 7 running on the hardware, I think it’s one of the best examples. Again, we likely won’t see anything running, whatever we get this week will be likely spec talk. So everything after this is speculation on my part. Ok?

Why? Walk with me.

One of the biggest issues I had with Forza Motorsport 6/APEX was the omission of dynamic weather effects. That said, could you imagine seeing someone start up a game in FM7, all nice and sunny? Suddenly the cloud move in during the race, making way to it being overcast with rain pouring down. The course is wet now, making it harder to navigate and changing the pace of the race. Towards the end, the rain stops and it starts getting sunny again, only for nightfall to be moving in? It’s jus the sort of immersion that would help make a racing game so much better.

Fans of the late Evolution Studio’s know exactly what I”m talking about, as Driveclub’s Dynamic Weather completely changed that game. If you haven’t played or seen that game in action, see below. 

Yes, this right here is exactly what I want to see in Forza Motorsport 7. Hell, I want to see this in every racing game that comes out. I don’t care if it’s from Turn 10, Playground Games or Polyphony. I don’t care who it’s from, just give that to us. But for this article, yes, I want this in Forza 7, in 1080p@60 or 4K@30 fps. 

So yeah, I really want this to be a thing and even if we don’t see the game in action, I want to at least know that this is something that’s implemented or is being implemented. And this is why I feel that Forza 7 would be a fantastic title to showcase Project Scorpio or whatever it’s going to be called.

That and it could erase the mess we had with Forza Motorsport 5 when it debuted on the Xbox One.