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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 29 – Nintendo Handheld War

Or…how I learned to stop whining and love the salt! The salt is real! Anyway…on the latest Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, the guys welcome back ChromCho as they go into what might just be the biggest debate in NEP history!

That’s right, if you thought the “Great Franchise Debate” was heated, if you thought the “Nintendo Console War” was a fight, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Todd, Tyler, Will, and Cho go at it as they defend their favorite Nintendo handheld system, and bash the others picks! It’s passionate, it’s epic, it’s salty! Everything you love from a “Settle It In Smash!” segment!

But of course, there are other things we talk about too. Including the latest Fire Emblem Heroes favoritism, the fall of the NES Classic and the apparent rise of SNES Classic, thoughts about the voice acting in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and more!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy a debate for the ages! Only on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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To go straight into the Nintendo Handheld War, just to 53:00.