In the latest episode of the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, Todd, Tyler, and Will weigh in on the latest Nintendo Direct, and how everything that was revealed made them feel.

Was the 3DS content good? Is there more to look forward to than just Fire Emblem Echoes (which Tyler can’t stop raving about…) and what the Nintendo Switch? Were new games revealed? What about release dates for Arms and Splatoon 2? Did they meet the expectations? The guys are amping up for some Direct Talk!

Plus, there’s been a LOT of news that really matters for those who enjoy the Nintendo brand. There’s been an update on whether Overwatch can come to the Switch, a major update (or two) for Fire Emblem Heroes has come, there’s been a clarification about Square Enix’s focus, and of course…the NES Classic is being ended!

All of that, plus, Tyler talks about his Snake Pass Review and his love of Sonic, Will “goes down the list”, and Todd gets snarky! AND…is Todd really a traitor in the eyes of Tyler? You’ll find out here on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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To go Direct-ly to the Nintendo Direct chat, go to 51:35, for our chat about Arms/Splatoon 2. Go to 1:15:50.

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