New The Surge Trailer Shows Off Some Fasted Paced Combat

Here I am trying to kick the Dark Souls gaming habit and then Deck 13 has to go and show a new trailer for The Surge. What is The Surge? Well, for many, think of it as an industrial-styled Dark Souls. Mechs, machines, robots and now even faster game play. You get the idea, right?

I for one am happy to see this trailer released, especially for one specific reason. You see, when this game was first shown off, people complained that the combat looked slow and clunky. So much that the game drew a lot of comparisons to another title that tried to emulated Dark Souls; Lords of the Fallen (Ugh, terrible game). That title was also developed by Deck 13. However, it looks like they’ve been paying attention to the complaints, and the title has been shaping up nicely. I’ve heard from people that have played it, they’re saying it has come a long way. Exactly what I wanted to hear.

Alright, Focus Home Interactive, you’ve piqued my interest, let’s bring this home and maybe this will be my new gaming drug.

The Surge releases on May 16th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.