Microsoft Schedules The Next Round of Xbox FanFest Tickets

Xbox Fanfest E3 2017

The last time Microsoft attempted to give out 400 tickets for their upcoming E3 2017 Xbox FanFest, things didn’t go so well. In fact, they somehow managed to give out an undisclosed number of tickets. Needless to say, a lot of fans who had taken the time to enter were screwed off. It wasn’t a fun time for anyone and I can only imagine how Microsoft was handling this.

But now, they’ve announced that they’ve fixed their issues and are ready to try it again. On April 26th, 2017, @ 9 AM PDT, they’ll give away all 400 tickets (we hope). Unlike last time, there will be just one massive giveaway and the same restrictions still apply. You must be over 21 years of age, have a credit card or debit card and it’s still a first serve, one ticket per person. 

Keep your eyes glued to @Xbox, @Majornelson and #Xboxfanfest to find out the registration ink at the time of the giveaway.

Good luck to everyone who tries to get their tickets.