I Like Being With You (Android/iOS) Review

Because Not Every Game Needs to be an AAA Blockbuster

A short, weird and sweet game about space bunnies who just like being together. It’s simple, kinda fun and really memorable.
Game Name: I Like Being With You
Platform(s): Android, iOS
Publisher(s): TaiXaioBai Works
Developer(s): Luo Zhi En
Release Date: 5th April
Price: Free
When people talk about how games are art they are mostly talking about games like Firewatch or The Beginners Guide. Some people will try to justify Halo or talk about the amount of history crammed into any Assassin’s Creed title.
Art is about sharing an idea, a point of view or a feeling, and I Like Being With You definitely has something to share… even if I don’t quite understand it.
The actual game mechanics are fairly simple. You are a rabbit trying to run around a small planet as many times as possible. Your energy depletes quickly so to prevent a game over you need to make contact with a second AI bunny and restore your health.
You maintain a constant speed, but you can alter your pace a little by taking different sized jumps. Small jumps boost speed and large jumps slow you down. The right jumps give your mate a chance to catch up and vice versa.
The zen, mildly challenging gameplay goes nicely with the innocent and almost childish art style to set a contemplative mood. It was enjoyable if a little unchallenging.
There is no story, beyond the store description mentioning the bunny is running with “his/her lover. Still, I Like Being With You has stayed in my head way longer than I would have expected. It’s cute, it’s short and it makes you feel things. Give it a shot if you feel like something different.
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A simple game idea, very well made


– Short and sweet
– Memorable
– Different
– Very simple gameplay
– Ads ruined the mood a little
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