When Bethesda announced that they would be releasing a demo for the upcoming title, Prey, I admit I was excited. This is a title that’s gone through several revisions (Remember Prey 2?) and I wasn’t sure about, being honest. A demo would be the perfect opportunity to check out the game, get some playtime and start to form opinions about it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the demo was only coming out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The PC version? What PC version?

Wait, what? Come again, Bethesda? Why the heck would you put out a demo for a game and limit it for just the PS4 and Xbox One, when it’s also coming out on the PC? I simply don’t get this concept, so I’d love for them to explain it to me because this is sending me mixed signals. 

They’re either really confident with the PC version that they don’t need to show it off or it’s a freaking mess and doesn’t want people skipping it. Or perhaps it’s the PS4 and Xbox One versions that are in question and a demo would give them a chance to make changes before the release of Prey. The demo releases on April 27th and the full game releases on May 5, 201, which gives them a week to fix/patch things.

Maybe that’s it?


Either way, this is all speculation on my part because currently that’s all I can do is speculate. I haven’t one rational thought as to what there’s no PC demo and it’s really frustrating me to see how companies, even during this day and age, continue to shun the PC gaming community. Especially since I’ve been following this game for a while and it looks really interesting. That and I’m not a fan of playing FPS titles on consoles.  I need my keyboard and mouse, I’m sure some of you understand that. We’ve reached out to Bethesda to get an explanation as to why there won’t be a PC demo for the game. 

Get with the times, Bethesda, and give everyone a demo. Dang, it already!

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