Gearbox Pulls Bulletstorm Collector’s Edition Offer With G2A

Well, that was over pretty quick, wasn’t it? When Gearbox announced it was partnering with G2A for their Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Collector’s Edition, the internet was set aflame. No one, including us, could figure out why Gearbox would align themselves with a company that has been known to be shady.

Several major internet personalities and sites, including TotalBuscuit, had announced they would stop reviewing/covering any of Gearbox’s titles going forward as well. I’m pretty sure Gearbox didn’t like that bit at all.

Shortly afterward, Gearbox has demanded that G2A change its tune and agree to stop being “shady”. To which G2A simply ignored and now, Gearbox Software has issued a statement, stating that the original offer has been pulled due G2A’s actions.

“As there has been no public movement from G2A by the time Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition launched now on PC, Gearbox Publishing will be doing their part to not directly support a marketplace that did not make the new public commitment to protecting customers and developers requested by Gearbox Publishing. We do not control G2A’s marketplace or where they may obtain keys from parties outside of Gearbox Publishing, but we can confirm that today we have begun executing on our extraction process.”

Honestly, the question still remains as to why Gearbox Software would even dream about teaming up with a company that has practices such as G2A has. Still, I’m glad to see that realized the error of the ways, due to folly or force. At the same time, this is a win for both the potential customers of the title, and it sends a signal to other developers that G2A simply will not change its ways. Definitely, A sign that other publishers and developers should steer clear of this organization

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, a remake of the original title, is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.