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Fire Emblem Heroes’ Voting Gauntlet Match-Ups Revealed


The first two rounds of the voting gauntlet have ended, and Camilla and Minerva have emerged as the finalists. Camilla steamrolled both Cordelia and Hinoka to get to this point. Meanwhile, Minerva had a similarly easy journey, handling both Palla and Subaki without much trouble. Currently, Camilla is absolutely hammering Minvera, leading by 8 Billion votes.

While it looks like it will be Team Camilla celebrating a gauntlet well won, all players will be able to taste victory in the form of 20 orbs, 5 of each Great Badge, and 5000 universal shards. Remember, you can still join a team if you haven’t already or if your team lost! Get a high rank and even more feathers could be coming your way!

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Fire Emblem Heroes official twitter account revealed the first round match-ups of the game’s second voting gauntlet. Two Fates rivals, Hinoka and Camilla, highlight the first round matchups. Other battles have Cordelia facing off with fellow Awakening flier Cherche, Subaki challenging Beruka, and Palla battling Minerva.

It seems the Heroes team learned from the flaws in the previous Voting Gauntlet, which featured Lucina stomping over lesser known characters in three straight laughers. This time around, the bracket has been set up in a way that lends itself to more parity. First round match-ups have been broken up by game, and matchups are between characters of similar popularity. This gives second tier characters like Subaki a fighting chance at advancing through the first round, and his backers a chance at more Hero Feathers. 

More importantly, matching the popular characters against each other early will result more early flag usage. Team Lucina didn’t need to bother sending their biggest attacks until the final round against Ephraim in the previous Voting Gauntlet because they never had a tough match-up. Meanwhile, Ephraim battled Leo and Chrom, exhausting their supply by the time the finals rolled around. Team Hinoka will be able to weaken the juggernaut that will be Camilla early in this format. 

Voting Gauntlet
So… about that Lyn costume?

Ultimately, I suspect we’ll still see a pretty one-sided battle here. Camilla’s popularity is astronomical: She ranked fourth of all Fire Emblem females in the FE Choose event. And early polls show that 44% of Heroes players will be supporting her.

There will once again be a total vote goal that will reward players from all teams with Hero Feathers and Orbs. If players can gather 10 billion votes, everyone will receive 20 orbs, 5 of each Great Badge, and 5000 universal shards. Individual rewards, in Hero Feathers, will also be given based on rank in army, total rank and overall score.

Regardless of the competition, when the Voting Gauntlet opens tomorrow, expect to see tons of Fire Emblem fan art and community bonding online. That was the highlight of the Gauntlet last time, and I expect to see more of the same. 

Voting Gauntlet
In the end it’s all about coming together as a community.

#TeamCordelia, let’s get it!