Corrin Fire Emblem Echoes

Female Corrin Spotted In Fire Emblem Echoes, Amiibo Coming?

Fire Emblem Echoes is still a bit aways away from launch here in the US, but in Japan, it’s only a few weeks. Because of that (and some serious fan passion) leaks of the game are already releasing. 

While most of it is standard stuff, the truly dedicated fans are releasing things not known to the general public. Such as the finding of the female version of Corrin in the game. Why is this significant? Well, because we knew that male Corrin was coming to the game because of a press release stating that the Corrin Amiibo would be able for use in Fire Emblem Echoes. But female Corrin is a different issue.

Now, it could be that players will get to choose which version of Corrin they get to use as an “Illusionary Hero” in the game, or…it could mean that female Corrin is getting the Amiibo treatment too. Hard to say, but it’s fun to speculate! Which option do you prefer? Let us know, and let us know if you’re excited for Fire Emblem Echoes!

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