Digital Foundry To Give An Early Look At Microsoft’s Project Scorpio

Well, that about confirms everything. Digital Foundry has announced that they will provide a deep analysis of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio, this week. The event will be hosted live on Thursday, April 6, at 9 am ET.

Many may wonder why Microsoft would allow a 3rd party to show off the official specs of their upcoming 4K “beast”, but for others, it makes complete sense. It was Digital Foundry who originally outed the Project Scorpio whitepapers and initially had some skepticism regarding the system. Granting the team access to the completed system would be sending a signal that they’re ready to show it off to the world. 

It’s no secret that Digitial Foundry has been tough on Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of gaming performance. At one point, they’ve gone out of their way to show just how underpowered the Xbox One was in comparison to the PlayStation 4. If there’s one way to prove someone wrong or wanting to be righted, providing them an all-access pass would be the best method.

Love them or hate them, Digital Foundry has made a name for themselves for being very technical analysis. There’s a short list of sites that provide the same amount of detail that they do. You can believe that had some bearing on this decision as well. 

During this showing, we can expect to hear and see plenty of technical details, from the DF team. Though it has been reported that we won’t see any games running on the platform. The verdict is still out on if we’ll get the actual name as well.  Chances are that Microsoft will want to save that and showing off the games until E3 2017.

All eyes will be on Microsoft this Thursday, for better or for worse. And I hope for Microsoft’s sake, it’s for the better.