Perception is an upcoming horror game from Deep End Games, which has gained attention as the team comprised of former Bioshock and Dead Space developers. Funded by Kickstarter back in June of 2015, an official release date has yet to be shared until now. Perception comes to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on May 30.

The game follows Cassie, a young blind woman exploring a mansion inhabited by a supernatural presence. Players “see” using echolocation; Cassie may create noises using her walking stick. Because she has no weapons at her disposal, she must hide and evade the deadly Presence. Find clues throughout the mansion to unravel its mysteries.

The talent behind Perception certainly makes it a game that merits your attention. With a team that are no strangers to horror and atmospheric storytelling, Perception is a must-play for fans of the genre. The footage we’ve seen so far looks promising, and you can check out the new trailer below: