Motion Twin, an Indie development studio that’s based out of Bordeaux, France. has announced that Dead Cells will be heading to Steam Early Access.  Dead Cells is a new take on the Metroidvania and Roguelike genres, basically a merging of the two. The title will be available for download on May 10th, 2017. There currently is no mention of the price on the Steam page for the title

RogueVania: The threat of permadeath, balanced with a generous system of progression, the exhilaration of discovering new hidden areas, alternate paths to progress through the castle and a pinch of procedural generation to keep you on your toes. 

Our main character is a green mass of sentient cells stranded on an ever changing island. The player must take over a discarded corpse and explore the prison, where survival is a precarious and ephemeral state. Death, however, is only the beginning in this alchemy afflicted world… just one more opportunity to unlock new powers, discover outlandish areas and plunder hidden secrets. 

We had the pleasure of not only playing Dead Cells during PAX East 2017 but also speaking with the development team. The game is fun, and definitely, has a lot going for it. But more importantly, the developers are really passionate about making Dead Cells as good as they possibly can. We could tell by just speaking with them. So we’re extremely happy to see that more people will finally get the chance to check out the title. When I played it, it reminded me of a mixture of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, just a faster pace and a lot more colorful. Sadly, we didn’t get to play it as long as we would have liked. We’ll be checking this out as soon as it hits early access.

I’m pretty sure that fans of roguelike titles will eat this up when the title is available. 

Definitely be sure to follow the development of Dead Cells here.

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