Culdcept Revolt Character Information Revealed

Join Allen, a powerful Cepter suffering from amnesia, as he fights to free the city of Celphas

NIS America unveiled story and character information on their upcoming 3DS title, Culdcept Revolt. The story pits two forces, The Free Bats and The Count’s Army against one another. The Free Bats fight to open their sealed off city, Celphas, to the world around them, while the Count’s forces fight to keep the city sealed off.

The game’s protagonist, Allen, is an amnesiac with the powers of a Cepter. He was found unconscious in the streets by The Free Bats, and was reminded of his powers by their leader, Alicia. Alicia is caring and beautiful, and wants nothing more than to escape the city to live in freedom. Her allies include Sych, Tenet, Yuma and Gen. Sych is a sharp dressed man with a grudge against the Count. While Elicia wants to escape the city, Sych wants to stay and defeat the him. Tenet is a timid boy who grew up in the monastery, and he has strong faith in his world’s God, Glodis. Yuma is shy and overly suspicious, and therefore wary of Allen. Still, she is said to be a good kid. The young and excitable Gen rounds out The Free Bats, and is always eager to play with his friends.

Count Kraniss is an incredibly powerful Cepter, and ruler of Clephas. The Count lives in a castle in the middle of the city, and rules with an iron fist. His subordinates include Nighthawk, Zonx and Hypna. Nighthawk hunts down other Cepters, but he isn’t overly loyal to the Count. Zonx, on the other hand, is cruel and merciless. He hunts down his opponents without mercy. Hypna Is not ashamed of resorting to a dirty trick to win a battle. She is a skilled Cepter that uses hypnosis and illusion to defeat her foes.

These Culdcept Revolt characters will be headed to 3DS on August 29th in North America and September 1st in Europe.