Colin Moriarty Launches Episode One of Colin’s Last Stand

Whether you were introduced to him through his articles on IGN, or his voice on the PlayStation only podcast, PS I Love You XOXO, fans old and new are supporting Colin Moriarty on his latest venture, Colin’s Last Stand.

Many of you may be familiar with Moriarty from his work seen throughout the video game industry. His credits can be traced all the way back to more than a decade ago as an editor for the popular games news site, IGN. Moriarty would eventually join his pal Greg Miller on IGN’s podcast, Beyond!, centered all around the world of PlayStation.

He and Miller eventually quit IGN to move on and create their own company, Kinda Funny, a community geared towards games and nerd culture created for the fans and completely supported by them through Patreon.

Even though Moriarty has had a huge influence in games journalism for so long, his true passion for history and politics would show through the many mediums. He has many opinion pieces on IGN including one covering the political correctness in video games. Listeners will even notice that during podcasts like Beyond! and PS I Love You XOXO, Moriarty has frequently gone on a tangent and squeezed small history lessons between the video game talk with his co-hosts.

When he debuted Colin Was Right on the Kinda Funny YouTube channel, we saw this most clearly. With this show, Colin intended to challenge the minds of his viewers with new conversations about the video games they play and bring in other subjects, such as politics.

“If video games represent an artform, and in my mind games are most certainly art, then politics can be, will be, and should be infused into them.”

Colin Was Right provided truly engaging, well written content and discussed real issues such as foreign policy in its relation to the video game industry. Moriarty’s show also featured interview styled videos with developers and creators such as Jeremy Dunham (Unit 13, Rocket League) and Jason Schreier (Kotaku).

After 15 episodes of Colin Was Right, and an upsetting decision to resign from Kinda Funny, Moriarty chose to put the DualShock down for a while and instead focus on his love of history. Shortly after his resignation, he came out to the public through twitter and Patreon to announce that he would be starting a brand new movement called Colin’s Last Stand, where he will cover historical and political content in a new and entertaining way.

Colin’s Last Stand is being funded through Patreon and by fans and newcomers alike, so much, that he met his $10,000 goal in a matter of hours and has even quadrupled it at this point! Because of this tremendous support, Colin has now promised his fans two videos per week in addition to other cool rewards depending on which Patreon teir you are under..

It has been truly exciting to watch one of my favorite video game commenters, one that I look up to, accomplish so much in such a short time. Though we have been used to hearing Colin discuss video games and the news surrounding it for more than a decade, he says that he does not plan to cover such news in Colin’s Last Stand. Although I’m dying to know his thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda, I am definitely looking forward to his new intellectually driven series focused on a subject that, to be honest, I just hated in school.

Moriarty wants to challenge our thinking and conversations with the topics to be discussed in Colin’s Last Stand. He understands that the way history is taught in school by certain teachers, may not be the most fun way to retain the information. With that, he says that history is so fascinating because, well, it’s just storytelling, and he wants to teach people about the revolutionary events that took place in a way that is fun and comprehensible.

Colin Moriarty, thank you for your contributions to the video game industry and your stances on the things that really matter. You will be missed in that community however we look forward to what’s next and support this new journey in content that you will be bringing to educate the masses.

Check out episode one of Colin’s Last Stand “The Mysterious Third Amendment” available now on YouTube!