Postknight – Taking fetch quests to a whole new level

Taking the idea of fetch quests to the logical extreme. Postknight has you wiping out the waves of pirates, bandits and wild animals that stand between you and your next delivery.

Game Name: Postknight
Platform(s): Android, iOS 
Publisher(s): Kurechii  
Developer(s): Kurechii 
Release Date: 9th, February 
Price: Free 


A little bit tap game, a little bit side scrolling beat-em-up with a pinch of Harvest Moon. You play as the newest recruit of the Postknights, the martial arm of the postal service and as such are given a town to service. There is alot here to love and the game got it’s hooks in me pretty quickly.


About half of the game is spent in combat, where the goal is always to move from one side of the screen to the other, occasionally with a boss to contend with. The main concern in combat is juggling ability cooldowns. With the exception of abilities combat is resolved automatically.

The rest of the game involves the several towns assigned to the Postknight. As you complete postal runs for a town you unlock shopkeepers and NPCs to populate it. Shopkeepers are mostly there to upgrade your gear or buy upgrade materials.

Some NPCs are able to be wooed by giving them a gift every few hours. Each girl has gifts that they enjoy more than others and the game reminds you of her previous reactions, making experimentation easy.


Creating a bond with the girls allows you to receive gift boxes from them regularly, as well as some unique dialogue and occasionally free healing mid-mission.

The graphics are cartoonish and charming, with a sort of chibi, cutesy, anime style to the whole thing. There is a solid effort to differentiate the sprites and each area is unique immediately recognisable. 

The music is light and chipper, but did eventually get on my nerves. The sound effects started off fine but during larger fights became overwhelming and I eventually just played on mute.

After a few levels I got into a nice rhythm of collecting my offline income, running recurring missions, giving and receiving gifts, upgrading gear and doing story missions till the timers reset. I was levelling up in the postal guild, had a few gift boxes per day and a reliable playstyle that rarely let me down. Then I stopped playing Postknight for a day.


After 24 hours of not logging on a glitch meant I didn’t receive my accumulated offline income, some recurring quests I was halfway through had reset and the bonds I had been building had suffered, apparently the girls didn’t like me being away for so long. As much as I like the gameplay and presentation of the game, being punished for not playing it enough soured it a little for me. Still definitely worth checking out though.

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Super fun, until it starts getting clingy

Super fun, until it starts getting clingy...

– Lots of ways to improve your character
– Fun, simple combat
– Nice NPC interaction
– Pushed to play regularly
– Combat can be a little TOO simple
– Sound effects can get annoying
  • Super fun, until it starts getting clingy

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